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You Are Our Priority

Private Eye Miami Offers his services through as a licensed private investigator who conducts a variety of investigations and diligence cases related to immigration issues.

Parole, clemency & case review

We can provide valued assistance; with objective and impartial answers to formulate current case strategies. We can advise your options regarding immigration and deportation matters, and other relevant questions concerning the criminal justice system

Security consulting assessment

We are an organization designed for the provision of security services in different types of facilities, according to the detailed instructions of our clients

Personal security

The hallmark of PrivateyeMiami services is the Personal Security Detail. Offering individualized and in-depth security services, BSG Personal Security Details are tailor-made to suit any individual or collective threat. Whatever situation you may encounter, BSG Personal Security Details are equipped and trained to meet it head on.

Cyber investigation security

The Forensic and Computer Security services offered by PrivateyeMiami, are performed by a team of security professionals with extensive experience and a long track record in the private and public sphere, they have internationally certified certifications and specialized training for the exercise of its functions.


USA Visa and residency revocations and denials, Secondary airport examinations,and USA immigration and customs issues discovered and resolved.

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Your Safety Is Our Priority

The safety of our customers is our top priority. We are committed to providing a safe and confidential environment for all our clients, regardless of their needs.

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